TRIG PROGRAMS (TRIG), a division of The Ruddy Group, provides specially designed programs to help large scale aggregators including insurance providers, associations and various institutions/organizations improve the growth, retention and affinity of its customer base. Our broad range of programs are designed to provide policyholders, members and employees access to discounts for products and services such as, but not limited to, identity theft management, red flag compliance, cyber-breach, travel assistance, prescription drugs, insurance products, and legal programs. TRIG serves as the marketing distribution partner with many of the leading providers in the marketplace including OneBeacon Insurance, ID Resolution, Seven Corners Travel Assist, and Hyatt Legal Services.

Program Description and Advantages

  • Identity Management Services include access to Identity Theft and Resolutions Services as well as Single Bureau Credit Monitoring. As one of the fastest growing crimes in America, steps needed to protect one's identity are top of mind.
  • Red Flag Compliance Program helps companies, institutions and organizations to comply with regulations.
  • College Student Secure An identity theft program designed for college students.
  • Discount Prescription Plan is designed to give users access to more than 11,000 generic and 5,000 brand prescription drugs at over 53,000 pharmacies.
  • Asset Recovery is a unique program designed to assist individuals in recovering unclaimed funds.
  • Security Breach Response Services is an important and necessary service as data compromise becomes a growing concern for organizations.
  • Travel Assistance Services include Travel Assistance when traveling 100 or more miles from home and Security Assistance that protects international travelers and global workforces against terrorism.


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