Identity Management Services

In today's technology-driven world, nothing is more sacrosanct than personal privacy, the core of which is personal identity. Identity concerns now envelop multiple life stages, requiring comprehensive, holistic prevention. To address these contemporary needs, TRIG has developed a robust suite of services to complement and enhance Fraud Resolution.

Identity Fraud Resolution

The core of our service offering is Fraud Resolution, provided to your customers and their immediate family members, to resolve problems of identity theft and virtually all related fraud issues. The most common include: identity theft, account take-over, credit card fraud, and concerns or suspicions. Peerlessly robust in nature, services include gifting a variety of cutting-edge monitoring products to victims and concerned customers, even those making proactive inquiries.

Catastrophe Document Response

Catastrophic losses, whether by fire, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, or acts of terrorism, are devastating. A family’s first priority is survival and avoiding further calamity. But, even with their home in rubble or ash, your customer will confront the urgent need to replace lost documentation critical to reasserting their identity and rebuilding the lives of their family. Fraud specialists are on call to assist your customers throughout the process of emergency authentication, filing change of address forms, replacing sensitive documents, facilitating continued and protected access to financial accounts, and serving as a communications hub with the policyholder’s friends and family.

Identity Travel Response

The loss of sensitive and critical documentation, while traveling domestically or internationally, is guaranteed to provoke instantaneous panic. When a victim contacts us, their personal fraud specialist may initiate a variety of procedures, including traditional case file management as well as coordinating communications between the victim and family members. The goals of this service are the replacement of lost or stolen documentation, financial protection, continued access to financial accounts, and returning the policyholder to his home on schedule or as quickly as possible.

Medical Identity Theft

Navigating the healthcare system is confusing enough. However, it can be an overwhelming nightmare if another person has fraudulently used personal information to obtain medical care. Unfortunately, medical identity theft is one of the most virulent and fastest growing identity fraud crimes. Our fraud specialists will work one-on-one with your customers to address the complex issues associated with this crime within the confines of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Surviving Spousal Services

Coping with the loss of a husband or wife is often one of the most difficult challenges anyone can experience. During this period of extreme stress and grief, the surviving spouse must deal with the painful issues of death as well as the complexities of settling the estate. As macabre and dastardly as it may be, the theft of a deceased person’s identity has become common practice.  Surviving Spousal Services are extremely robust, providing a unique program designed to assist the surviving spouse and/or legal executor of an estate. Services include: review and suppression of deceased’s credit file, resolution of relevant fraud issues, identification of credit accounts at the time of death, identifying imbedded life insurance policies, and procurement of relevant documents necessary to settle the estate.

Relocating Residences

Over 40 million Americans move each year. The phenomenon is fueled by more than just students changing apartments and new job seekers – millions of Americans have second homes. It is estimated that nearly 40% of all home sales are for second homes. Whether the reason is permanency or the seasonal escape from snow, your customers increase their risk of identity theft by virtue of relocating, permanently or seasonally. We will assist your customer with change of address letters notifying relevant parties that could affect mail forwarding, i.e. utility companies, magazine publishers, etc. Should sensitive documents be misplaced during the move, our fraud department will assist with their replacement. We will suggest that the customer contact the personal fraud specialist for an Identity Wellness Checkup a few weeks after completing their move.

Marriage & Divorce

Whether a couple is planning a wedding or contemplating divorce, there are many factors to consider regarding credit exposure and risk of identity fraud. OneBeacon/TRIG provides proactive concierge services for those seeking to guard against identity theft during these highly emotional, often tumultuous, periods of their life. Fraud specialist will also advise the couple on proactive steps they can institute to limit future exposure.

Services for Deployed Military Personnel

Military personnel and families, particularly those deployed abroad, are considered soft targets by identity thieves. However, military personnel can now make use of unique, proactive measures to protect their identity. Fraud specialists will place Active Duty Military Fraud Alertson the credit files of the three credit bureaus. The alert will also remove their name from pre-approved credit card offers and other personalized marketing for two years.

Infant & Minor Identity Risk Mitigation

One of the most insidious forms of identity fraud is the theft of a newborn’s identity and the similar targeting of children under the age of eighteen. If the minor has already been victimized, our fraud specialist will work to remove the fraudulent entries. Once the fraudulent entries have been corrected, our fraud specialist will suppress the minor’s credit file until they reach the age of eighteen.


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