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In an effort to make prescription drugs more affordable, OneBeacon Services offers a Discount Prescription Plan that is designed to give users access to more than 11,000 generic and 5,000 brand prescription drugs at over 53,000 pharmacies. Any individual with limited or no prescription drug coverage can benefit from this prescription drug savings card. Individuals who have an existing plan may still find the card useful, as it can discount medications that are not covered by their health plan.

YOU CAN BEGIN USING THE SERVICE TODAY. No registration. No fee. No forms to fill out. Just print the Discount Prescription card and access the Pharmacy Locator to search for a participating pharmacy in your area.

How does the service work?

TRIG/OneBeacon online pricing tool which is powered by Agelity, gives you the ability to compare prices by specific pharmacy location. The price that is paid is the negotiated discounted price or the pharmacy's sale price, whichever is lower. This assures that members are getting the lowest possible price. The card is valid at all major chain pharmacies and many independent pharmacies nationwide.

All FDA approved brand and generic prescription medications are covered. The OneBeacon Discount Drug Plan has over 11,000 generic drugs available to card holders with discounts up to 40%.

To use the Discount Prescription Plan, you simply need to:

Select a pharmacy/Find a price: The card is valid at thousands of locations nationwide. Use the location and pricing tool provided at to find a participating pharmacy near you and identify pricing information for your prescription medications.

Submit prescription: Simply present your prescription to the pharmacist. You can even transfer a prescription just by bringing an empty prescription bottle or label to the pharmacy.

Show the card: Give the prescription drug savings card to the pharmacist each time a prescription order is placed. The card contains special computerized instructions that provide the pharmacy with the appropriate discounted rate. When the card information is entered, the price on the prescription is discounted based on the pharmacy's negotiated price And that's it. Once the prescription is filled, you will immediately receive the discounted price and save.

This service is provided through OneBeacon Services, a wholly owned entity of OneBeacon Insurance Group. Some services offered through OneBeacon Services may be provided by third-party vendors.


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