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Data Security Breach

The complexities of confronting a database compromise are well beyond the capabilities of most businesses. The impact of a data security breach on an organization, regardless of size, is never beneficial. However, the loss of critical customer basem who lose confidence in the organization because of a breach can be devastating. The monetary cost of a breach response can exceed the resources available to an association. Enterprises demand a trusted source to lift the burden and mitigate the risk to their going concern.. Organizations require a data security breach solution that:

  • Limits financial exposure should a breach occur
  • Preserves member retention and the association’s reputation
  • Reduces the cost of reactive services to a breach
  • Satisfies state and federal statutes; and when appropriate, satisfies regulatory compliance

TRIG has created a comprehensive Incident Response Plan with a highly robust reactive component. We know the problems organizations face confronting this issue and have addressed each within our program:

  • Consulting Services – breach managers are available from the moment an organization believes they have experienced a breach of sensitive data. Our Response Team will assist you through most aspects of the response process.
  • Resolution Services – Should a breach occur, the notified constituents of the organization will have unlimited access to our fraud department. Fraud specialists will assist notification recipients with proactive alerts, enrolling in monitoring products and appropriate resolution of fraud.
  • Media Interface – When appropriate, we will interact with the media and help create an action plan to anticipate negative public reaction and protect the reputation of the organization.
  • Secure Communications – When deemed appropriate, we can deploy secure web‐based platforms to assist with notification and authentication.
  • Discounted Pricing on Optional Monitoring Products – TTRIG makes available extremely favorable, wholesale pricing on credit‐related products gifted to notification recipients.


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